jeff bowe headshot

Dr. Jeffrey Bowe


Dean of Online Education


Maria and I moved onto a small lake near Winnsboro where it’s very peaceful. We have one very spoiled rescue dog named Sam; Sam likes to walk 1-3 miles a day depending on the heat. I have 2 children out of college, son Trey and daughter Jordan. I have been in higher education full time since 2011, and before that owned 3 business including a printing company, photography studio, and sales training firm. I grew up in Indiana and much prefer the southern climate because I have 2 motorcycles for different moods and because one is never enough. I enjoy online because it allows so many more people to access education, yet I do miss that spirited live discussion of strategy in the classroom. I am thrilled to be at Columbia College because it is so well positioned geographically to take advantage of the explosion in online education.

What do you love about working at Columbia College?

From my first interview, everyone gave off positive energy and a real interest in always moving forward. Even when there are challenges, I still find that pure desire to grow and improve, and when that means change, that's OK too.