Dr. Tamara L. Burk

Program Chair

Professor of Communication | John Reeves Professor of Leadership

Bush Science Center | 139

(803) 786-3554


Dr. Burk holds a Ph.D. and Ed.S. from The College of William and Mary and two professional development certificates from Harvard and the Terry College of Business. She is Chair of Communication, the John Reeves Endowed Chair of Leadership, and Director of the Leadership Studies and the PLACE (Philanthropy, Leadership & Community Engagement) Programs. Her scholarly interests include pedagogy, leadership education, communication studies, gender and social justice.

She has published numerous articles and book chapters in outlets such as Communicative Understandings of Women’s Leadership Development: From Ceilings of Glass to Labyrinth Paths, Carolinas Communication Annual, Exploring the Evidence: Reporting the Outcomes of First-Year Seminars, Virginia Journal of Communication, Women and Language, and Women Speak. She co-authored the book Teaching Oral Communication in Grades K-8 and is also the author of the book Instructional Development and Classroom Communication: A Case Study of First-Semester College Students in the Liberal Arts Curriculum. Dr. Burk has received many campus and community awards since she began teaching here in 2003, including the Undergraduate Studies Students’ Choice Award for Teaching Excellence at Columbia College 4 different times.

Awards & Accomplishments

  • Experienced Innovative Educator Award, 2021 | Teaching Innovation Committee
  • Senior Excellence Award, 2020 | Teaching, Scholarship, Service
  • Women of Influence, 2020 | Columbia Regional Business Report, Columbia SC
  • Faculty Excellence Award, 2019 | Teaching, Scholarship, Service
  • Educator of the Year, 2015 | Eau Claire Community Council, Eau Claire, SC
  • TWIN Honoree, 2015 | Palmetto Center for Women, Columbia, SC
  • Undergraduate Studies Students’ Choice Award for Teaching Excellence, 2016, 2014, 2008 & 2006 Columbia College, SC
  • Honors Faculty member of the Year Award, 2013 | Columbia College, SC
  • Spirit of Inclusion Award, 2012


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What do you love about working at Columbia College?

Having multiple roles, I get to work with a wide variety of students, and it is a privilege to guide them through transformational learning experiences both on and off campus.