JP Mililli

Lecturer in Business | Director, Women's Business Center of South Carolina

Bush Science Center | Room 138

(803) 786-3677


Professor Mililli comes to Columbia College after nearly forty years in business and finance on Wall Street. Mililli conducted business at the highest levels, first with major Wall Street investment banks and then for 10 years with a financial firm that he founded. His clients included individuals, multi-national corporations, organized labor and governments. Additionally, Mililli has conducted research on regression modeling to identify and forecast global economic trends. Furthermore, throughout his career Mililli has had a passion for learning and teaching and championed Corporate Social Responsibility. By partnering and collaborating with Fortune 500 companies, state and local governments and other institutions he was able to support and fund educational programs coupled with skill development for under-represented groups like the disabled. Teaching at Columbia College is the continuation of his lifelong commitment to social justice by empowering under-represented groups through education and skill development in business.  Since 2018 Mililli has taught various business courses at Columbia International University, including strategic operations, supply chain management, marketing, leadership and management and others. Currently Mililli teaches courses in international business at Columbia International University as well as MBA and undergraduate courses at Columbia College. Because of his international background Mililli is able to communicate in conversational French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese. Mililli is a non-public Independent FINRA Dispute Resolution Arbitrator, certified to arbitrate and resolve complex securities and employment disputes between and among investors, brokerage firms and individual brokers. Mililli has held many professional designations and licenses and earned an undergraduate degree in International Economics, a Masters degree in Leadership and Management, and is pursuing a Doctorate in Business.

Outside of the classroom Mililli enjoys spending time with Kenna his wife of 42 years  (except for shopping). They have a married daughter and three grandchildren. Currently roughhousing with the grandchildren occupies a significant portion of free time. Mililli is a licensed private pilot and is interested in anything having to do with aviation. Flying is where Mililli finds his alone time since Kenna has an aversion to heights. Oil painting and sailing are other interests that he pursues. Mililli is a man of faith and believes that his prayers helped bring his beloved Chicago Cubs to a World Series championship win in 2016, ending a 108 year drought.   

What do you love about working at Columbia College?

I love that it is a small liberal arts college. The size of the college allows more involvement and interaction between students and instructors. It is gratifying to build enduring relationships with faculty, staff and students.