May 11, 2023

It is an exciting time to be a part of the Columbia College community! Over the next few months, you'll notice some exciting developments happening on and around campus. This summer, we hope to keep you up to date on the progress on a few of these construction projects. 

mcnair window projectMcNair Window Replacement: All 343 windows, 3 exterior doors, and skylights in the McNair Residence Hall are being replaced in order to improve building efficiency. Status: Work began on May 1, and will continue through July, just in time for the students' return to campus!



ap progressAriail-Peele Building Demolition: Because of significant structural damage, the Ariail-Peele building will be fully demolished and replaced with a green gathering space for student use. Status: Work began in April to empty the building , and interior demolition work began on May 1. Once the interior is complete, exterior demolition will begin.



daniel/humphriesDaniel/Humphries Hall Demolition: Daniel Energy Facility and Humphries Hall will be fully demolished and developed into green gathering space for student use. Status: The demolition for these two buildings is still in the planning phase. Work has begun emptying the buildings and upon completion, interior demolition will begin. The project is on track to complete by the end of the summer.


edens library projectEdens Library Ceiling Replacement: Following roof replacement last summer, the Edens Library ceiling will be replaced, correcting years of water damage. Library lighting will also be updated during ceiling replacement. Status: This project is in the mechanical design phase, and the design will be completed in May. Prior to ceiling work, the contents of the third floor must be relocated.



college place progressCollege Place Church: College Place Church will be renovated to provide office space for the Division of Education as well as additional gathering and event space for College and outside event use. Status: Interior demolition began on May 1. Following interior demolition, renovation work will begin. Renovation work is planned to continue through Summer 2024.


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