Excel in Leadership Studies

Through applied leadership coursework, you will experience the 4Cs process of leadership development: the Courage to step up and accept risks, the Commitment to step in and embrace values, the Confidence to step out and seize opportunities, and the Competence to step back and develop insight. Learn to lead and prepare to standout at work and in your community!

Leadership Studies Program Highlights 

  • The program allows for both formal coursework and experiential learning.
  • Students gain a framework for effective leadership within the context of broader academic training.

Modality & Benefits

Get a traditional college experience with lively in-person classroom discussions and close proximity to your professors, mentors, and best friends. 

Start Dates: 

January & August  

  • Semester-Based Timeline
  • Face-to-Face Instruction (some Online options)
  • In-Person Office Hours & Support
  • Relationships & Networking
  • Extracurriculars & Immersive Campus Experience

Get a degree that fits your busy lifestyle while benefiting from in-person instruction, social interactions with classmates, and networking on campus and throughout the capital city. 

Start Dates: 

January & August

  • Semester-Based Timeline
  • Evening Classes (M-Th, 5-9pm)
  • Face-to-Face Instruction
  • Transfer Up to 90 Credits
  • 10-Hour Weekly Commitment (varies)

Leadership Studies Curriculum

Minor & Certificate Requirements

Popular Leadership Studies Classes

  • Leadership and Professional Development 
    Explore the leadership in a real career contexts. 
  • Diversity, Gender, and Social Justice
    Discuss current issues and controversial debates around women, gender, and equal/human rights movements.
  • Leadership in Action
    Synthesize your understanding of Leadership Studies in practical terms.

Practice Thoughtful Leadership

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Teaching
  • Administration
  • Social Media Marketing


  • Nephron
  • Columbia City Ballet
  • United Way
  • FoodShare

Job Placement

  • Recreation at Walt Disney
  • MRC at United Way
  • Comm. Services for the Deaf
  • Receivable Solutions Inc.

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Student Experiences

Student Experiences

"I am about to start a new AMAZING job. And the reason I got it…my leadership minor! [They] Said it was one of the most surprising and impressive things they’ve ever seen on a resume!"

Maegan Stone

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