hermania harper headshot

Hermania Harper

Student Success Coach


Hermania is a 1999 Alumna of Columbia College.  She currently serves at a Student Success coach in the office of Student Success.  As an undergraduate Hermania served as a Resident Assistant, Orientation Leader as well as the Orientation Coordinator.  Hermania holds an M.Ed in Community and Occupational Programs in Education.  

Hermania's dreams came true when she returned to campus to work.  It is her hope to be able to cultivate the same love and excitement of learning in her students as many staff members showed her during her journey through Columba College.  She is committed to the success of every Koala she comes in contact with.  

What’s your favorite thing about the Columbia College campus?

After all these years, when I step onto campus, I feel like I'm at home!  It's the best feeling ever!