Parents and family members seeking an active role at Columbia College can apply to serve on the Parent & Family Advisory Council. This council serves as a set of ambassadors for Columbia College, and meets twice a year. The primary role is to:

  • Help recruit students
  • Recommend programming activities for Parents & Families
  • Give feedback about university programs
  • Discuss issues of concern to family members
  • Recommend content for publications
  • Participate in campus events like Family & Friends Weekend
  • Assist with the recruitment of prospective Council members

Who is eligible for the Council?

The Council consists of family members of full-time undergraduate students who are in good standing at Columbia College.

It is our intention to select family members who represent our diverse student population. In order to ensure continuity on the Council, members are asked to make at least a two-year commitment.

What is expected of Council members?

Council members are expected to attend biannual meetings. Council members will have the opportunity to learn more about college departments and services, as well as provide feedback on any topic of interest or concern to them as Columbia College family members.

Responsibilities of council members include the following:

  1. Participate in Family & Friends Weekend. (Families of incoming first-year students will be exempt from this duty in order to attend activities with their student.)
  2. Provide feedback to the Division of Student Affairs staff concerning the association's programs, publications, services, and any other aspects of institution activity.
  3. Maintain regular communication with the Parent & Family Association staff.
  4. Identify and approach prospective council members.

Note: Council members may be removed from the Council without notification after missing three consecutive meetings upon the recommendation of the Division of Student Affairs staff.