What You'll Learn

The Speech Language Pathology degree provides a didactic learning environment characterized by academic education and clinical experiences. You will complete coursework related to the acquisition of speech, language, and hearing. Academic coursework will focus on the nature, prevention, evaluation, and treatment of communication disorders.

Scenario-based learning is embedded into the classroom instruction using projects and observations as well as computer-based simulations. Scenario-based learning will challenge you to use applied analytical and critical thinking skills to solve problems presented as scenarios. It will fully prepare you for the transition into the clinical education.

Career Opportunities

Our degree will prepare you for a career and licensure in Speech Language Pathology. As a student, you will complete at least one clinical experience and record therapy hours that will be eligible to count toward your license. You will need to obtain an advanced degree in Speech Language Pathology to become a Speech Language Pathologist. Our coursework will fully prepare you to take the next step in the process.

The Columbia College Difference

To provide a broad understanding of the nature, prevention, and treatment of communication disorders we ensure that you will receive the best training and classroom experience to prepare you for practical application in the field.

Through a variety of experiences and academic coursework, you will be prepared to serve a culturally diverse society in various employment settings.

Course Requirements

View major requirements including concentrations and electives for this program of study in our course catalog.

Undergraduate Course Catalog

Undergraduate Course Catalog (non-clinical)