Making Lives Better 

Our relational majors teach you to understand and work well with others. They also equip you with transferable skills that apply across occupations and industries. Whether you're looking to help individuals, children, and families lead a non-profit or corporation; or serve in the political arena, you'll find a path in the social sciences. 

Tailored to You

We encourage you to understand yourself, understand others, and choose studies that interest and excite you. As a Social Sciences major, you'll gain invaluable skill sets like research and data interpretation skills, critical thinking and analysis skills, and learn how to organize tasks and information. 

You'll grow your leadership and managerial skills, effective interpersonal communication, sensitivity to individual differences, and small-group skills like team building and conflict management.

You'll also gain an appreciation of cultural variability, how to intervene during crises, basic counseling skills with individuals and groups, an understanding of community needs and resource referral, and how to advocate for individuals and groups at many levels. 

From Our Faculty

As a student at Columbia College, my professors in the Social Sciences believed in me before I believed in myself. They saw my potential and pushed me to reach it. It's been awesome to come back as faculty and have the opportunity to hopefully do the same for another generation of Columbia College students.

Meet the Dean

Dr. Tywana Chenault Hemby

Dr. Tywana Chenault Hemby has presented workshops on important topics such as effective teaching strategies, utilizing technology in education, addressing racial trauma in educational spaces, fostering student achievement, and promoting critical literacy.

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