What You'll Learn

The Leadership Studies minor complements any major and is designed to create a framework of opportunity for you to experience intersections between your academic training and the principles and practices of effective leadership.

Through a series of challenging and reflective experiences, we will encourage you to identify your own areas of competence and strength and to put them to work in your discipline of choice. You will develop the self-determination that will prepare you to emerge from your College experience with a desire to pursue and sustain social change within any context or community that presents itself.

Career Opportunities

Our Leadership Studies minor is a positive addition to any area of academic study and shows your future employers that you are committed to practicing thoughtful leadership.

The Columbia College Difference

At Columbia College, we are confident that by providing education, we are empowering you with unparalleled knowledge and skills; we also recognize that power brings social responsibility. Consequently, we define leadership as the choice to exercise the opportunity to create positive change not just in ourselves but in the world around us.

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