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Led by full-time professors with law enforcement experience, this program promotes a greater understanding of legal issues with an emphasis on leadership and ethics. This certificate provides an opportunity to learn, contribute, and connect with like-minded law enforcement professionals, serving as a catalyst for both personal growth and career advancement.

Command College Program Highlights 

  • Professors provide student-centric learning and a hands-on approach as they advise you and guide you through this academic journey.
  • Instruction methods include lab work, seminars, case study analysis, and experiential learning to provide a holistic understanding of criminal justice.

Modality & Benefits

Get a traditional college experience with lively in-person classroom discussions and close proximity to your professors, mentors, and best friends. 

Start Dates: 

January & August  

  • Semester-Based Timeline
  • Face-to-Face Instruction (some Online options)
  • In-Person Office Hours & Support
  • Relationships & Networking
  • Extracurriculars & Immersive Campus Experience

Our 100% online degrees are top-ranked by U.S. News & World Reports. Finish your degree and advance your career with a degree designed to fit your busy life. 

Start Dates: 

January, March, May, June, August & October 

  • 7-Week Courses
  • No Login Times
  • Transfer Up to 90 Credits, including 24 Training Hours
  • 10-Hour Weekly Commitment (varies)
  • Free E-Books

Command College Curriculum

Certificate Requirements

Popular Command College Classes

  • U.S. Constitutional Law for Law Enforcement  
    Explore topics like probable cause and reasonable suspicion, the Exclusionary Rule, Miranda warning and right to counsel, interrogation, and more. 
  • Forensic Crime Scene Investigation with Lab
    Cover crime scene investigation procedures and discuss common legal issues.
  • Leadership Seminar
    Study ethical leadership, legal responsibilities, and effective management.

Earn the Command

Employment growth is at a steady rate for police and detectives roles. Additional training for leadership and management roles can increase compensation across these fields.

Advance in Your Field

  • Law Enforcement
  • Correctional Facilities
  • Court Systems
  • Homeland Security
  • Private Investigation
  • Conservation

Master Your Field in One Year

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Student Experiences

Student Experiences

"What I like about being a CJ student is how the career is a great way to give back to the community."

Amanda Hernandez


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