Get Your MBA in One Year

Join our one-year MBA program and gain the educational background to advance your career, switch industries, or launch your own business. Our hybrid program is offered on designated weekends and online, so you can get your degree while you're working or tackling other priorities. With concentrations in General Business, Health Administration, Hospitality Management, and Insurance, our one-year program is uniquely tailored to professionals interested in these growing industries. 

Program Highlights  

  • Degree may be completed in 12 months
  • Small classes with networking opportunities
  • Flexible hybrid format that combines face-to-face learning on designated weekends with online work
  • Designed to accommodate full-time working professionals
  • Focus on experiential learning and case studies
  • Choice of unique areas of concentrations
  • Incorporates the international scope of business operations

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Career Opportunities

Get the competitive edge and enhance your growth potential in the workplace with our Master of Business Administration degree. 

Graduates from our business program have secured positions in Fortune 500 companies and the following major industries, as well as federal, state, and local governments.

  • Healthcare industry
  • Hospitality and tourism
  • Insurance
  • Global business enterprises
  • Entrepreneurship

The Columbia College Difference

Earn your degree from a respected, accredited private institution with 160 years of tradition. The storied tradition, talent, and innovative thinking at Columbia College will give you a strong foundation in business and put you on the path to engage in a range of business fields. 

Program Details 


Below are the face-to-face on-campus meeting dates for our one-year MBA program. Additional coursework and meetings will take place online. 

On-Campus Course Dates

2018–2019 MBA Program Schedule

Fall 2018


Spring 2019


Summer 2019

May 18-19
June 1-2
June 22-23
July 13-14
July 27-28

2019–2020 MBA Program Schedule

Fall 2019

Aug. 24-25
Sept. 28-29
Oct. 12-13
Nov. 16-17
Dec. 7-8

Spring 2020

Jan. 11-12
Feb. 1-2
Feb. 22-23
Mar. 14-15
Apr. 18-19

Summer 2020

May 16-17
June 6-7
June 27-28
July 11-12
July 25-26

2020–2021 MBA Program Schedule

Fall 2020

Aug. 28-30
Sept. 26-27
Oct. 10-11
Nov. 14-15
Dec. 5-6

Spring 2021

Jan. 9-10
Jan. 30-31
Feb. 20-21
Mar. 13-14
Apr. 10-11

Summer 2021

May 15-16
June 5-6
June 26-27
July 10-11
July 24-25

2021–2022 MBA Program Schedule

Fall 2021

Aug. 28-29
Sept. 25-26
Oct. 9-10
Nov. 13-14
Dec. 4-5

Spring 2022


Summer 2022


Course Requirements 

View degree requirements, including concentrations and electives, for this program of study in our course catalog.

Graduate Course Catalog

Program Requirements

  1. 36 Graduate Credit hours required for graduation.
  2. Students with an undergraduate degree in Business may have up to 6 credit hours waived.
  3. 27 hours in core business and nine hours in a choice area of concentration.
  4. Classes held over fall, spring and summer sessions.


General Business

Prepares you for a diverse business career along with options to be leader and entrepreneur. The program provides professionals like you looking to become senior leaders in for-profit or non-profit enterprises with broad based training across a range of business disciplines. This MBA program, thus, provides a broad skillset that prepares you for success in any industry or job function at any time of your career. You will further develop the knowledge you need to effectively manage and lead departments, organizations, including in-depth exploration of leadership concepts and practices, managing human and other resources, decision making skills through data analytics, financial management, internationalization of business, marketing and management.

Health Administration 

Immerse yourself in challenging healthcare topics through focused classes about health care operations, health care financial management, and current issues in health care policy and politics. This tailored Health Administration MBA program will set you up for success for a leadership role in a fast-growing, fast-hiring field. 

Hospitality Management 

Build on your strong business foundation with specialized knowledge about the hospitality and tourism industry. Classes within the concentration cover customer relationships, service management, and special topics that the industry is facing. You'll graduate prepared to serve in leadership and management roles in a range of settings like food service, resort operations, convention arenas, private clubs, and golf courses, among other settings. 


You can go after high-quality jobs within the insurance industry with specialized knowledge through our insurance concentration. Our courses cover insurance and risk management, life and health insurance, and property and casualty, providing you with a great background to take that next step in the industry. 

Your Enrollment Option

On Campus

  • Take classes with a cohort on select weekends
  • Courses begin in the fall and wrap up in the summer
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