What You’ll Learn

The Behavioral Science degree is an interdisciplinary program that covers a broad spectrum of academic disciplines (e.g. psychology, sociology, and related fields), providing you with a diversity of knowledge on the science of human behavior.

You'll learn to analyze behavior, providing you with diverse perspectives on how to understand actions, address problems, find solutions, and promote constructive behaviors while studying the effects of human reactions and emotions on social interaction, decision-making, and relationships.

Career Opportunities

A degree in Behavioral Science will enable you to move forward in a career such as: 

  • Counseling
  • Social Work
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Criminal Justice
  • Social Analysis and Planning.

The Columbia College Difference

The experienced faculty at Columbia College will guide you through the study of cultural norms and standards to understand the root causes of social diseases such as racism, classism, and gender bias. Our 13:1 teacher to student ratio allows for classroom discussion and a more inclusive setting to study.

Additional Course Options

Our evening Behavioral Science courses are designed to work with you and your schedule to provide you with the best education on a flexible schedule. You’ll have access to the same experienced faculty but at a time that works with your life. Learn more about our evening programs.