What You'll Learn

Exercise Science is the multidisciplinary study of human movement and involves a range of disciplines such as anatomy and physiology, bio-mechanics, exercise physiology and nutrition.

Exercise science is home to a program that focuses on the practical and scientific practice and understanding within the exercise science, fitness, sports medicine, and health promotion domains. In addition to classroom instruction, you'll experience weekly labs in exercise physiology and exercise testing and prescription.

Practical experiences include labs on metabolic response to exercise, the electrocardiogram and pulse, breathing parameters at rest and after exercise, grip strength and electromyogram activity and much more.

Career Opportunities

A degree in Exercise Science opens many career options in a variety of health-related settings from schools, colleges, clinics, and the sport/fitness industry. 

You will also have opportunities to work in state and local health departments, hospitals, corporate settings, military, and federal government such as the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Clinical exercise physiologist, athletic trainer, and exercise and sport psychologist are examples of career options open to exercise science majors.

The Columbia College Difference

The Exercise Science major has a strong experiential learning component. You will complete an internship where they gain practical on the job experience at an approved internship site.

Course Requirements

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