Our Exercise Science Degree Program

Undergraduate Program

Next Start Date: 
August 2023 (All Programs)

Exercise Science is the multidisciplinary study of human movement and involves a range of disciplines such as anatomy and physiology, biomechanics, exercise physiology and nutrition.

Exercise science is home to a program that focuses on the practical and scientific practice and understanding within the exercise science, fitness, sports medicine, and health promotion domains. In addition to classroom instruction, you'll experience weekly labs in exercise physiology and exercise testing and prescription.

Personalized Programs of Study

The Exercise Science Program prepares you to pursue a career in a variety of health-related settings from schools, colleges, clinics and the sport/fitness industry, or continue your studies toward an advanced degree in physical therapy, athletic training or programs in exercise science.

  • Planning to attend an athletic training graduate program? Consider internships in clinical or athletics settings.
  • Planning on a career in the fitness industry? Consider a minor in business.
  • Interested in public health? Consider internships in Community Health Facilities or local health departments.
  • Focused on a career in the health professions? Then consider a minor in biology or public health. Consider internships in rehabilitation settings.

The professors are willing and available when a student needs help or guidance. Its not about passing the class, it’s about understanding the content and being prepared for the next step in the working world.

Taylor Hannah '21

    After Graduation

    Employment of exercise physiologists is expected to grow 10 percent from 2018 to 2028, faster than the average for all occupations.  Demand may rise as hospitals emphasize exercise and preventive care to help patients recover from cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases and improve their overall health.

    Exercise Physiologist- Bachelor’s Degree

    • Median Pay 2018 $49,270 per year
    • Job Outlook 2018 -2028 : Projecting 10% growth

    Job Opportunities

    • Exercise Physiologist
    • Physical Therapist
    • Strength and Conditioning Coach
    • Personal Trainer
    • Cardiac Rehabilitation Specialist

    Acceptance into Graduate Programs

    • University of South Carolina, SC (PhD)
    • Medical University of South Carolina
    • Anderson University
    • Mary Baldwin University

    Exercise Science Areas of Study

    Our CC EXSC program is hands on when studying bones, movements, muscles, etc. The internship requirement is also a great way to get in-person field experience before graduating.

    Alexus Jennings '21