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January 10, 2022 (All Programs)

The B.A. in Communication provides students with extensive knowledge of the communication process as dynamic, content-driven, and context-dependent. The communication program will offer opportunities for students to develop knowledge and skills needed to research, prepare, create, perform, and interpret messages in face-to-face and mediated contexts. Students will also have the opportunity to explore the field of communication from interdisciplinary perspectives, and intern in a potential career option. Students will graduate with a deeper understanding of themselves as communicators equipped to effectively represent their ideas and the ideas of others in their lives, professions, and communities.


  • Consistently, employers rank communication as one of the competencies they desire most in new hires. Get hired!

  • Our graduates have found success in a variety of fields as well as gone on to pursue master’s and doctoral degrees in communication and related fields.

  • All students complete an applied learning internship in a career area of interest prior to graduation.

  • Students have the opportunity to design communication materials for on campus projects as well as local organizations.

  • Given program flexibility, many students add Communication as a Second Major or as a Minor.

I have learned the importance of communication and how vital communication is in any context. I’ve grown more confident in my speaking abilities and understand how to communicate in different situations and with different people.

Jasmine Carter, Communication Major, ’19

    Career Opportunities

    A degree in communication will allow you to develop and strengthen universal skills, including verbal communication, collaboration, and conflict-management. Our students go onto careers in:

    • Civic Advocacy

    • Government and Law

    • Marketing

    • Public Relations

    • Non-Profit Leadership

    • Higher Education

    Communication Areas of Study

    Communication students develop a strong foundation in message design, critical thinking, and communication for personal and professional development. We recognize that technology is changing the nature of communication, but the need to be confident, prepared, organized, and thoughtful in communication has remained. Therefore, we work to prepare students to meet these expectations with practice and study in a range of communication areas-social media, public speaking, conflict resolution, leadership and ethics, and more.

    Major Course Requirements

    Minor Course Requirements
    (For Non-Communication Majors Only)